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Monday, September 23, 2013

Semi-Homemade Donuts!

I've made donuts the traditional way before, and while great, as those of you who know will understand, the delay and time comes in just waiting for the dough to rise. So while I still can't say that this "quick" method is better, it sure is a great option!
Super simple, and I think the pictures will take care of most of the description you need, so hopefully you'll find this new quick treat enjoyable and as easy as we do!
I can't recommend enough to get a biscuit brand that does NOT contain all the garbage (artificial dyes, preservatives, GMOs, and chemicals) that so many have. We found the Trader Joe's brand while not perfect works great)

Open the biscuits up, and use a shot glass (or something of the like) to start making your donuts!

Simply pop out the center and set aside.

Repeat for the rest

Get your oil up to temperature (375 ish) and gently place in to cook (we use a cast iron pan that works well to equalize and maintain the temperature of the oil) - Only about a minute or so on each side is all that is required, and I found that the handle end of a wooden spoon works perfect for flipping them) - You may also need to use the spoon to keep them separated from the bottom of the pan when you place them in depending on your oil depth.

Same process for the holes, though you may need to play a game keeping them turned appropriately :)

Once fried, set them on a cooling rack and sheet pan to let the extra oil drop off

Our favorites are the standard cinnamon and sugar as well as powdered sugar ones! Just place them one at a time in a plastic container with whatever you are coating them in, give it a shake, and remove them and get ready to eat! We found that if you want powdered sugar donuts that you'll want to wait until they are almost fully cooled, else they will melt the sugar and essentially glaze them! That of course may be what you desire anyway!